Mysore Fig
(Ficus Mysorensis)
Florida State Champion

Supporting The Tree

Millions of people use the internet each and every day without knowing what goes on behind the scenes. It takes countless hours, money and in some cases several people to make a worthwhile web site. This one is no exception. This does not include the hundreds of hours it takes to keep the area free of leaves, figs, and trash so visitors can enjoy the tree in person.

I would like to thank all of those that have helped me with this site by giving ideas, questions, comments, testing, and technical help. It takes all to make a good site and I hope I am building one worthwhile of your viewing. Below you will find ways that you can help make this site a continued success. Some of these ways will not only benefit the tree and site but can also benefit you at the same time. Please read further and provide help where you can.

Here are the ways you can help. Please, look over each one and help with as many as you can.

View the Site

This is one way you can get information, look at some great pictures and get enjoyment with a one-of-a-kind site. The tabs to the top is a great way to maneuver around the site they are in the same location on each page so you do not have to go searching for the one you want. Check them all out. There changes made from time to time so check back often. The Home Page will give the most current updates and What is New news.

Email Us

Sending us an email is a nice way to show your support for the tree. You can tell us what needs to be changed, what problems you are having with the site, or you can just say what you think about having a site about this tree. If you are planning a visit and want to try the jelly or just ask questions in person you can check by email if we will be home. You can always just send us an email to say hi. Go to Contact Us for a full list of email possibilities.

Make a Visit

If you are in the area come by and see the tree in person. Just coming by to see the tree and say hi would be great. It makes all the work we do worthwhile having people stop by so we can tell them about the tree. We also offer jelly tastings for the different jellies made from fruit on the property including the Mysore Fig Jelly made from select fruit produced by the tree. The Mysore Fig Jelly does not look, taste, or have the texture that normal fig jelly has. It is just a very smooth mild fruit jelly. If you have been here before come back and bring your friends. Go to Contact Us for directions.

Useful Links

If you go to the Useful Links you will find links to other sites dealing with trees, the area, and other interesting places.

Make a Donation

As you probably know having a web site is not free but this is not near as much as keeping the property clean, neat and safe for people to visit and enjoy. The limestone rock we use has to be added to every two years and is not cheap at all. There are other things that come up from time to time including tree trimming after storms. To cover these and other costs we have set up a way that you can donate online through a safe and secure site. Remember this is a safe and secure site. We will gladly appreciate any amount.

Make a Donation Receive a Gift

This is one way of explaining the Online Store. We use the Fruit of the Earth name and the Online Store to offer some great items that you can purchase. Most of the items have been made from the wood of the Mysore Fig Tree. The profits from this site goes to help promote the Tree and to help take care of it so others can enjoy. You can contact us if you have suggestions as to what you would like offered.